Saturday Night Fever – Mayflower Theatre

Saturday Night Fever at The Mayflower Theatre is everything you’d hope for plus a little bit more.

The story, which has been reimagined and re-shuffled about a bit, is a compelling look at life in 70s New York, with upbeat disco numbers combined with humour, heartache and tragedy. The hugely talented Richard Winsor, best known for playing Caleb Knight in BBC drama Casualty, takes the lead role of Tony Manero. All Tony wants to do is dance, so when a dance competition offering a $1000 cash prize is announced, the only thing left to do is choose a well matched dance partner.

The soundtrack of the original film remains one of the best-selling of all time. The Bee Gees hits which made the original so unforgettable remain the focus of the show, so it really is no surprise that it’s jam-packed full of songs that everybody loves and can sing along to. They are performed by a Bee Gees lookalike group who are centre stage throughout and absolutely fantastic.

From the show’s smooth transitions from scene to scene and the spectacular lighting and set design, there really is a lot to admire in this production. This show has the potential to be really cheesy so I am pleased to say I loved it from start to finish – and the buzz from the audience after the show suggests other people did too.

It’s a real treat of non-stop hits and brilliantly choreographed 70s dance routines and it’s only running for few days in Southampton. So, disco fans, dust off your dancing shoes and boogie your way down to The Mayflower Theatre.

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