Priscilla Queen of the Desert – Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

The story follows Tick, Adam and Bernadette three drag queens living in Sydney. Tired of the hate they get in the city the group are travelling to Alice Springs for a new exciting opportunity. The three find themselves on an adventure across the Australian outback in a beaten up bus they nickname Priscilla. The fabulous and colourful group continue on and bring their dazzle to communities which hadn’t experienced anything like it before.

Scenes of homophobia and hate were moving and brought some of the issues affecting the community to light. Despite being over 30 years old, the issues explored are still present in society today. Although some of these scenes were shocking the resilience of the group was moving. Throughout their journey the three reflect on themselves, their careers and lives, proud of what they stand for and their colourful self expression.

Tick (Joe McFadden) was a lovable and enthusiastic character, backed up by charismatic Alex (Nick Haynes) and matriarch like character Bernadette (Miles Western). The three were poised and performed some iconic songs. The three divas supporting them were unforgettable too. This paired with some jaw dropping costumes, a whole lot of colour and some sing along hits meant this musical was charming and enjoyable.

The show runs till this Saturday!

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