Radio Sonar text over a picture of the red pod located in The Spark building of Solent University

Student Radio Association (SRA)

We are part of the Student Radio Association (SRA), which effectively acts as a governing board for all student radio stations. There are many benefits to being part of the SRA. These are as follows

Student Radio Chart Show
The SRA organises the Student Radio Chart Show, which broadcasts live across the UK every Sunday from 2pm with a variety of different stations getting the chance to host across the academic year. The show lasts for 2 hours, counting down the top 20 biggest hits playing on student radio across the UK. Stations that host the show are eligible to enter the Best Student Radio Chart Show category at the Student Radio Awards.

SRA Training Days
Each term, one station from each region gets picked to host a SRA Training day. With a variety of external speakers coming to the university to do a series of talks. This is also a great opportunity to meet a bunch of other like minded radio presenters/producers. This year, the October training day is to be held by us, at Solent University.

SRA Awards
Each November, at the O2 Indigo in London, the SRA Awards are held. This is a massive event with people coming from all over the country hoping to win an awards for things like, Best Presenter and Best Show etc. Every single nomination gets guaranteed industry feedback which is a great opportunity for anyone hoping to get into radio.

Around April each year, the SRA holds a radio conference. The conference takes place over 3 days. The Speakers give a variety of talks and workshops on things like the future of Student Radio and the best radio techniques to adapt for your show. Speakers are invited from radio organisations, such as the Head of Programmes at various big stations as well as presenters such as Greg James. In the evenings there are two big events, The ‘I Love Student Radio’ awards and ‘Demo Factor’ which are great fun and a good chance at networking within the industry.

Voice FM

Voice FM are Southampton’s local community radio station. We have a strong partnership with them and because of this, broadcast through them from 8- 10pm Monday-Friday. This is a major opportunity for Radio Sonar and its members. For the first time ever, their current Station Manager and Volunteer Coordinator are both ex-Sonar, providing us with a unique opportunity for an even closer relationship for the next academic year. As part of this collaboration with Voice FM, we’ll be playing our playlist out in this slot, meaning it has an even bigger reach. More information about Voice FM can be found here