The pub has a warm and cosy atmosphere, with plenty of comfortable sofas where you can chill and have a drink with your friends. There are two pool tables, perfect to have a great time playing a game.

The music they play has this jazzy-retro touch, and it is definitely ideal to unwind and relax after a long day of work or study.

The reason I went to “The Social” was that there was an open mic event that night. I really like listening to live music where you have the chance of discovering new talents. At this particular night, one of the main artists was “Shy Boy”, a band formed by four people from Southampton.

Shy Boy’s lyrics are melancholic and soft and the guitar chords suit well the melodies. The lyrics and the rhythm reminded me sometimes of “The Cooks” or “Arctic Monkeys”, two bands that fit in that indie category.

Once the concert finished I had the opportunity to chat with Owen Hackett, singer and guitarist of “Shy Boy”.

Lucia: How did you first became interested in singing/playing?

Owen: When I was a kid, I liked listening to my dad’s CDs. Bands like Queen influenced me a lot and were great inspiration for me. I now listen to other bands such as “Nirvana” or “The Libertines”.

Lucia: Are there any particular artists that inspire you?

Owen: Yes, definitely. Two that come to my mind now are Elliot Smith and Bob Dylan.

Lucia: Where do you see your career over the next five years?

Owen: Hopefully the band I’m in “Shy Boy” will be touring around the country.

Lucia: Do you prefer playing in pubs/bars or in a more open space like the park?

Owen: I don’t mind any particular setting or place. I love playing my music and songs as long as it’s pleasant for the audience.

Lucia: Where do you get your inspiration to write the lyrics of your songs?

Owen: The inspiration comes from everyday life. I look around me and I see what is happening in my life or my friends’ lives. My songs talk about relationships and things that everybody experiences.

Thank you, Owen, for the answers.

I will definitely recommend this place for the next time you are looking for a place to go for a gig!

You can check out “Shy Boy” on Facebook.



Written By Lucía Vázquez.