Written By Lucía Vázquez.

“Good morning Vietnam” is one of those movies that proves how much power our actions can have over the people who are around us and how a single person can change things.

After Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams) arrives in Saigon in 1965, during the Vietnam War, nothing is going to be the same again in the Armed Forces.

Cronauer works as a DJ at the radio station, and his eccentric personality and irreverent comments earn him popularity among the troops who soon become big fans of his radio show.

But Cronauer’s superiors are neither happy about him nor about his way of working, and they warn him about his actions. They try to change Cronauer’s show and make it politically correct, but he refuses to change anything about his way of doing things or his show. This decision will have a cost for Cronauer’s future…

This is a magnificent movie that was a great hit in the box office and also won very good reviews among the film critics. Robin Williams is at his best playing Cronoauer as a cheeky, but lovable and passionate character who wants to push the boundaries of radio journalism a bit further just to make everyone happier at the Armed Forces.

This was the first movie where Robin Williams played a character that wanted to be off-limits working for an institution that has to follow the rules. Two years later, Williams would also play a memorable character in “The Dead Poets’ Society” playing the part of John Keating, a teacher who inspires his students through his passion about poetry and literature using very unconventional methods.

“Good morning Vietnam” shows us that the radio is not only a gadget we use to listen to news or play music, but rather it’s something that can change lives and make an impact on those around us.