Veronika Zapletalová is a first-year student from the Czech Republic who is studying a BA in Music Management at Southampton Solent University. Veronika is working as a radio host at Radio Sonar while she is studying her BA in order to get experience in the music industry.

Before moving to England, Veronika studied tourism, marketing and business management at high school. After finishing high school, she decided to get a higher qualification that combined both her passion for music and her interest in business management.

She applied to study Music Management in the Czech Republic and England, and even though she got accepted in an Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in the Czech Republic, she decided to move to England as she thought she would have more opportunities within the music industry in the UK and also because she always wanted to study abroad.

In this interview, Veronika talks her work as a radio host at Radio Sonar and her plans for the future.

Lucia: Where did first you hear of Radio Sonar?

Veronika: When I first applied to study at Southampton Solent University I found about Radio Sonar on Southampton Solent University website. I went to the Fresher’s Fair to have a better idea of what they did and I decided to apply to work as a radio presenter.

Lucia: What made you join Radio Sonar and work there as a radio presenter?

Veronika: I always wanted to try working in a radio station as a radio presenter and it has turned out to be a really good experience. It’s great for me because as I am studying Music Management, I am expanding my music knowledge as I interview people from different countries who create their own playlists with songs from their home countries.

Lucia: Which playlist has been your favourite so far?

Veronika: First of all, I would like to say thank you to everyone who came to my radio show. For me, it is difficult to choose only one, because I loved playing all the playlists, but I have to say playing the Spanish music playlist was really fun because it was very varied and the guest had a great conversation, so I had a fantastic time that week. Overall, Mediterranean people are more talkative.

Lucia: Would you like to work as a radio host or in the music management industry?

Veronika: I would like to try both. I imagine myself working in any of those industries because I love working with people. On the radio, you have more freedom to choose what you want to play while music management might be a bit more limited; but it is still very creative. I’d love to be in something creative linked to the music industry.

Lucia: How did you come up with the idea of an international radio show?

Veronika: After having the first radio session, the idea of the international show came to my mind. I filled the application form and thought: “Let’s do it!” I never expected I was going to get the role as a radio host, even less that I was going to have my own radio show, because I’m only on my first year at Solent, but I am so excited and honoured to have my own show and I am really grateful because I have been learning a lot about how a radio studio works.

Lucia: Would you like to stay here or go back to the Czech Republic and find a job there?

Veronika:  I would like to stay here, I feel there are more opportunities within this sector in England. At the moment, I am finishing my first year of my Bachelor’s, but in two years’ time, I hope that I will have more contacts and that I will have gained more knowledge of this industry to get a job in the music industry. I love England, the language and the opportunities this country offers.

Lucia: What are your plans for the future and what is your dream role?

Veronika: I’d love to travel as a music manager and visit the USA, Asia and Australia.

Thank you, Veronika!


You can listen to Veronika’s radio show on Wednesdays from 12 – 2 at Radio Sonar “Interstyle” radio show.