We interviewed Fin Power and Ian Grant from Liverpudlian indie band ‘The BOHOs’, discussing the next steps for the band, influences and supporting DMAs.

How are you finding touring lifestyle?

Ian: Very good, tiring.

Fin: Yeah, it’s enjoyable and all worthwhile.

What’s next for the band?

I: Back in the studio kinda stuff.

F: We’re working on what we’ve always wanted to work on, which is an album.

When’s the album going to be released?

F: I actually don’t know.

I: Might be January/February.

F: I think the whole thing will get done in a month and a half, but I don’t think that’ll get done until either early march or further away.

What’s your main goal as a band?

I: I don’t know if I’m speaking for everyone else, but to just make a living off the band, no matter what kind of level it’s on.

F: I’d say I don’t want fame or success, I don’t mind if I earnt the bare minimum of a wage, as long as I can pay for my life and I’m playing music I’ve won. We all want this very much and we do practice a lot, to the point we maybe practice a little bit too much.

Did you always have a music career in mind or is it something that developed as you got older?

I: It was a childhood thing but then I kind of lost it. I predicted I’d be in a band with Finley 5 years before it happened. I was speaking to someone in school and I said if I don’t dos well in my GCSE’s me and Finley will just start a band, and that’s what happened.

F: I think he said, “what do you wanna do and he [Ian] said I think Fin wants to start a band, maybe I’ll just join Fin’s band.” Then he did just join.

I: To clarify, I done alright on my GCSE’s.

F: I did alright as well, I think.

F: Back to the question, no, I wanted to be a chef and as it got to my GCSE’s my school dropped the Food Tech course, so I did Design Technology instead, and my teachers told me quite frankly I was shit at Design Technology, so the only other course with spaces on it was Music. I was like yeah I can play four chords, but in the past it was always a little dream of mine to be a musician, but that kind of made me go, alright I’ll start playing more again, which fuelled the fire.

I: I applied to do Design Technology too, and art as well but got declined. Funnily enough, that Art and Design teacher came to one of our shows the other month and I sell paintings now, so I was like how’d ya like me now!

F: He paints fantastically now!

So, you guys went to school together, how did you meet Elliot and Alex?

I: We went to school with Elliot’s (Gill, lead guitar) girlfriend and got introduced to him through his girlfriend. We met Alex (Smith, drums) through a gig we played.

F: I went to college with Alex and he is an amazing drummer, when we needed him we asked if he was free and he was like yeah, so we asked if he wanted to join our band and the rest of the lads were like, are you not gonna ask us, but I was like this guy is the guy.

How was it playing the Liverpool date with the DMA’s?

F: They chose us to play with them!

I: Yeah it was really good.

F: It was an amazing show, very different to what we are now, but in a good way. It was surreal for us really, a big development for the band. We were lucky people gave us opportunities so early on.

Where did your name come from?

I: The previous member, before we were an actual band.

F: We were kinda just jamming and he said The BOHOs and it just stuck with me, I just thought it was catchy and it caught on in my head. Even if you don’t like it, it’ll stick.

Who are your main influences?

F: The people who really influenced me were probably The Stone Roses, which probably doesn’t show in the music, then as I got into later times, bands like New Order and Joy Division which I think you can hear more of in our music. I then got massively into Nirvana, that’s where I got the heavy touch, I started listening to Alice and Chains, even a bit of metal. That’s what took me to where I am now, I think.

I: My Mum and Dad, they’re quite hard to impress, makes me work a bit harder.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals?

F: We all just chill out. My pre-gig ritual changes every show, from sitting there on my own, to all sitting in a room, it just depends what mood I’m in. I think everyone has their own little place they put themselves in. I think Alex gets himself really psyched up as does Elliot, I think you [Ian] just sorta walk around, chill out, have a beer.

I: Yeah, I just try not to think about it too much.


We were invited to spend an afternoon with indie band The BOHOs, getting a feel for what the band are about. Instantly all the boys along with their tour manager Joe and Chris, made us feel welcomed and part of rehearsals, chatting to us about our day and interests. In the rehearsal studios, the boys practiced a couple of their songs ready for the night ahead. Sticking to true ‘indie rockstar’ behaviour, lead singer, Fin Power left rehearsals after guitars, in his opinion, were too loud. This didn’t phase the rest of the band as they continued with rehearsals, suggesting this isn’t the first time this has happened. You can’t be surprised that little blips like this are bound to happen when you’re touring together and living out of each other’s pockets for weeks on end and in true family spirits, all tensions were solved once Fin had taken a breather and came back to rehearsals.


At the gig at Engine Rooms, Southampton, where The BOHOs were supporting CAST, we were taken backstage to witness what goes on behind the scenes for the boys before they go on stage. It was clear how close they all are, joking around and psyching each other up, making sure each member is in the best place to go onstage. Once onstage, all parts of rehearsals came together to put on a great support show. Despite the crowd being of an older genre, the band had them nodding their heads and tapping their feet along with the music, and unlike many support sets, the crowd stopped talking and buying drinks to listen to their music, take photos and enjoy the set.


The BOHOs are a band to watch out for in the not so distant future, with a debut album on the horizon and UK tour following the release. Check out their first single ‘Born Frustrated’ on Spotify now.

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