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Mamma Mia! – Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

Written by Veronika Zapletalova and Matilda Andersson
14th February 2020

The route of destiny is unpredictable, especially when a wedding is about to take
place on a small Greek island, which will reveal more than one secret of the past.

After having seen the Mamma Mia movie so many times and loved it, we didn’t know
if the production of the play would live up to the expectations. But we were proven
wrong, the musical left us in awe.

Donna, the single mom who owns the small hotel on the Greek island Kalokairi is
played by Sharon Sexton, who’s performance gives the same impression as Meryl
Streep’s performance in the film. Sexton’s singing is phenomenal and the portrayal of
Donna is very convincing. The daughter, Sophie is played by Emma Mullen, who’s
energetic stage presence makes the audience eager to sing along. The male
ensemble of the cast was equally great, their performance was both funny and
entertaining. Overall, the chemistry between the actors works so well, the casting
directors have really succeeded with their choice of people.

Even though we’ve seen the film and heard all the songs numerous times, the
musical offered some surprising moments and songs which we weren’t prepared to
hear. For example, The Name of the Game, One of Us and Knowing Me Knowing
You are all songs we didn’t expect to hear considering they don’t appear until the
second film, but they perfectly fit with the story line.

Other things which we loved about this performance were the costumes. The built up
scenery which was two very simple built walls that authentically represented the
Greek surroundings you can see in the film. Most importantly, the orchestra did a
splendid job playing the music originally written by Björn Ulvaeus and Benny
Andersson. Even though you think you know the story, this is something everyone
can watch, there are bits and pieces that differs from the film which makes it
definitely worth seeing. All this together made the musical a divine experience, which
is not to be missed by anyone who likes the legendary hits by ABBA

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