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Have you listened to the podcasts from our members here at Radio Sonar?

Written by Sophie Dickinson
12th February 2021

Yeah you heard that right! Some of our members here at Sonar have created their own podcasts throughout this pandemic, all unique in their own ways but worth the listen. Check out our list so far! 

Dave Mitchell: Lonely Boiz Meets World Podcast

Starting off the blog with an interesting one, Three British guys who are in their late 20’s – mid 30’s (one of them being Dave) look back at each episode of the TV series Boy Meets World but also talk about very random things that’s happened in their daily lives (which is very entertaining). Check out all the episodes so far in the link below!

Danny Humby: The Station Manager Files Podcast

Ever wondered what it takes to be a Station Manager for a Student Radio Station? Well the answers are here. Danny chats to different Station Managers around the UK, who are in Student Radio to find out more about their own station as well as their journey becoming and being a Station Manager. Click the link below to see his recent uploads!

Chloe Schuil-Brewer: InTheStudioUK Music Podcast 

InTheStudio UK started as a page on Instagram which was promoting the newest bands and artists. The trio, Chloe (who is part of Sonar) James and Adam recently started a podcast on YouTube where they upload interviews every other Sunday and radio like shows every Tuesday! Explore all their recent episodes below!

Author: Sophie Dickinson

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