Club Tropicana – Mayflower Theatre Southampton

Set in the before mentioned decade Club Tropicana follows a couple, Serena and Olly. After a tragic jilting at the altar, both decide to get away to Club Tropicana a hotel full of bright, lovable characters who are each having their own problems. With Joe McElderry’s Garry, the Entertainment Officer stealing the show in every scene he was in. Serena and Olly discover they can’t be without each other and have to rekindle their love, whilst helping the others along the way.

Club Tropicana is the definition of 80s feel good cheese. This whole musical screams 80’s from the tastefully tacky set design to the playlist of back to back tunes that’ll leave your hands sore from clapping along. 

As Spanish housekeeper Consuela, Kate Robbins impersonates several ’80s icons, from Dolly Parton and Cilla Black to Tina Turner and Margaret Thatcher for no particular reason at all. Every chance has been taken to reference the ’80s throughout the show.

Naturally, there are plenty of character stereotypes in the show, from Rebecca Mendoza’s role as loud and silly single best friend Tracey and Robbins’ Consuela. But each role is played with affection and an awareness of their lack of dimension. In fact, Robbins’ recurring joke about signs often gets the most laughs.

With a soundtrack of Depeche mode, Cyndi Lauper and A-ha as well as many more this musical does a great job of transporting the audience back to the 1980’s. This is further helped by the impeccable costume design with crimped hair and shoulder pads everywhere it’s hard not to think of the 80’s.

So if you’re in the mood for a few hours of unadulterated cheesy goodness, get down to the Mayflower where Club Tropicana will be showing until the 27th of July.

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