CinderElla: The Musical – NST City, Southampton

Directed by Michael Fentiman, CinderELLA is a new adaptation of the classical myth featuring two protagonists, a younger Cinders (Lydia White) who feels old beyond her years and the older Ella (Valda Aviks) who remembers when she danced as a girl at the Midnight Ballroom. Cinders feels old before her time and Ella feels she’s running out of time. CinderELLA is a magical fairytale extravaganza combining Freaky Friday with a tale as old as time.

The story itself was an interesting twist of the Cinderella tale, using characters Cinder and Ella in order to portray an unusual yet endearing friendship of two people who both could do with some company in their lives. It was a great story to be told in a modern way, bringing the old in with the present and providing an element of humour and entertainment.

The cast was excellent, and the characters’ stories were told in a way that was convincing and poignant. I particularly enjoyed the soundtrack for this production, with some very well written and catchy songs that were performed excellently by the talent and a good combination of songs that were upbeat and energetic as well as emotive and moving. CinderELLA’s set design was incredibly done and very visually pleasing to experience, it was not difficult to see the high production design of the play, especially seen in the body switch of Cinders and Ella. One of my favourite element of this production was also have to be the lighting design and direction. The lighting was scripted effectively and really helped to captivate the audience in moments of action as well as indicating clearly the mood of the scene.

With all this considered, CinderELLA The Musical was an enjoyable watch and very light-hearted and entertaining production to go and see.

CinderELLA The Musical is available to watch at Nuffield Southampton Theatres from the 27th November 2019 – 5th January 2020.

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