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Chelsie’s Sonar Experience (Sonar Stories)

Written by Chelsie Jones
6th February 2021

Hello I’m Chelsie, I’m a 22 year old, ambitious creative with an eye for Radio Presenting. Following this I decided to join the Radio Sonar society, mainly because of the amazing welcome I had when I started at University.

I’m a bit of a chatter box and shortly after joining Sonar, Danny Humby offered me a show called The Bloggers Voice, I was honestly so happy and this gave me so much confidence which I have been able to take outside university in the volunteering world of Voice FM.

I think the biggest thing that Radio Sonar did effortlessly is be understanding and very accepting of my disability, the team made sure I was okay in every aspect, Radio Sonar is very inclusive. I really didn’t expect to be part of such an outgoing bunch of people meeting the greatest of friends … more like family.

I think if Radio Sonar has taught me one thing, it’s to be my own authentic self. Speaking on behalf of everyone with shows, we have the creative freedom to produce any show we wish and as a student radio station, I think this really stands out and sets Radio Sonar apart from the rest. If you are a new student looking to join a society, join Radio Sonar as you have the opportunity to go to student radio events and network with professionals in the radio industry. I’m so glad I joined and have no regrets at all.

Thank you for reading, 

Chelsie, BA HONS Media Production Student.

Author: Chelsie Jones

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